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Christmas Market, 9 December 2018

This list was prepared on 27 October 2018.

Market Stalls

Dazelen Creations
Bits and Pieces
Eden Park Creations
Half a Frock
Upholstery & Decor
Bag-End Aparies
Lyn Kirkman
Rawleigh Products Distributor
Cotton Poppies
Fletcher Art and Craft
Becs toys
Cliff’s Treasures
Grapes of Wreath
Cheltsea May
Mel’s Blossoming Creations
My Little Loves
Playful Pet Pals
Spring Cottage Plants
Rosemary Co
Distraction via succulents
Missys Handcrafted Earrings
Sarbie Collection
Railway Portraits
Your Puzzle Place
Definately Different
Paddy Paws Orange
Rik’s Pens
Rex Hooper
Bo Peep Clothing Co
Sew Ingenious
Upside Down Co
Audrey Menzies Nurseries
Bianca’s Kitchen
Floral Touch
Martelli Orchards
Goats Milk Soaps
Ken Fishpool Rocking Horses and Woodwork