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26 March 2018

Orange Ex-Services

Rotary Orange Community Market, 6 May 2018

Moulder Park, Orange

List of stallholders will be updated as stallholder fees are paid.

To see where the money raised goes, click on the donations tab above.

List updated 24 March

A & R
Arnkni Inspired
AT Hemp
Bodhi Garden Vegetarian Restaurant
Cakes at Hart
De Beautique
Fiz Bath Products
Goats Milk Soaps
Grind Coffee Van
Kalma Cafe
Kanishka Emporium
Knit One Slip One
Knocked up on March
Lippy Lou
Mason & Walsh
May Raechelle Art Gallery
Mel's Blossoming Creations
Metal as Anything Creations
Missys Handcrafted Earrings
Nichola Doherty
Orange Girl Guides
Pauline’s Plants
Popping Candy
Rose In Cowra
Ruth Parker
Shane Howarth Artist Blacksmith
Spring Cottage Plants
Summerlea Rose Jewellery
Tanderra Garden Sculptures
Wired Wonders